Are you always worried about what to post on your Instagram?

Do you feel digitally exhausted trying to keep up with posting regularly?

Whether you’re a full-time #girlboss or a part-time #sidehustle entrepeneur (like me!), one of the most challenging things is consistently coming up with creative Instagram posts.

Does this sound like you?

You have a hard time with staying on top of posting relevant, fresh content.

You procrastinate to the very last minute and are left scrambling to create or find #instaworthy photos and catchy captions.

When you can’t find anything decent, you end up NOT posting at all.😬

You see other Instagram rockstars with consistently creative posts and have serious envy.

You need a plan.

And here it is.💕

There’s a way to MASTER your Instagram content plan to become a trendsetter and solve your social media stress while gaining tons of engaged followers.

It’s time to stay ahead of the game!

Here are 3 crucial steps to plan your Instagram content:

STEP 1: Schedule a date and time to shoot and gather content every 2 weeks

The most tedious aspect of running a successful Instagram account is keeping it up to date with original photos. You need to be posting consistently (at least every few days) to keep your followers interested.

Block out one day every 2 weeks and dedicate it to shooting your content or finding high-resolution photos online.

(If you will be posting photos that you don’t own the rights to, don’t forget to give credit to the original source.)

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STEP 2: Focus on one goal for your Instagram each week

Social media can be overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller, manageable goals, you can absolutely CRUSH IT!

Write down one actionable and attainable goal for your Instagram for the beginning of each week.

For example, one week you could focus on responding back to all of your comments. The next week, you can aim to post 2x every day. The next week, you can experiment with 5 hashtags groups and so on.

STEP 3: Write down your plan (and follow it!)

You’re more likely to stick to your strategy if you write it down.

I repeat. Write. It. Down.

It’s simple as that.

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Cheers to rockin’ your content on Instagram.❤️️

PS … if you’re looking for a tool to help you plan out all of your content, check out The Content Planner!

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