Being an entrepreneur is such a roller-coaster.

One minute you’re UP: celebrating a big win, launching a successful program, or surpassing a long-time goal for yourself.

The next minute you’re DOWN: feeling depressed and discouraged, losing customers or clients, or at an all-time low in your bank account.

Believe me, I know this from experience.

Recently I’ve had a LOT of “ups” in my biz.

And a lot of these entrepreneurial HIGHS came while I was side-hustlin’: I created and hosted the InstagramHer Summit with thousands of registrants. I grew my email list by 3,000+. I celebrated a $10K month (twice!). I coached amazing women. I founded SHEclub Monthly. And I did it all while still juggling a 9-5 job.

But what I haven’t shared with you recently was the LOWS that I faced before all of this.

The truth is, the reason why I talk about #sidehustle so much is because I was forced into it.

After my first entrepreneurial endeavor failed, I was forced to go back to work.

Today, I’m sharing my story with you…


If there’s one thing I learned from my own journey, it’s that you can ALWAYS turn things around.

There’s no such thing as rejection, it’s just RE-DIRECTION.

So if you feel like you’re not reaching your biz goals, know that you’re just being re-directed to where you’re supposed to go.

Trust your journey.

You are destined for bigger and better things.

Embrace the process.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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Jessica DeBry shows women how to quit the job they hate and build a business they LOVE. As an Online Business Mentor, Jessica teaches female entrepreneurs worldwide how to get sh*t done, monetize themselves, and build their brand, so that they can ultimately transform their #SideHustle into Solopreneur Success. After doing everything “right” and following the traditional school-to-corporate path, she found herself craving more out of life. After 15-months side hustlin’ with her online business (while still working full-time), she quit her 9-5 for good and now shows others how to do the same. Click here to learn more about Jessica.
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