Me: “Being diligent with your time is so important! You need to have a strategy and map out each hour for maximum productivity and focus!”

Also me: Spends 52 minutes mindlessly looking at back-to-back cat and puppy videos on the Instagram explore page.👀


Let’s get real for a sec … distraction is REAL, especially in today’s social media age.

And even though I talk about the importance of staying focused, I too sometimes find myself falling into the dark trap that is endless scrolling, mindless watching, and overall digital distraction.

While a few trips down Distraction Lane won’t cause any harm, if it’s starting to seep into your everyday routine, it might be time to switch things up.

When I was writing my book, I became painfully aware of the distraction/procrastination trap. Sometimes I wished I could’ve hire someone to stand over me and slap me on the wrist every time I veered off track. Sadly, that job (doesn’t yet) exist, but facing the distraction/procrastination trap became a blessing in disguise. It was a huge learning lesson as I was forced to confront the problem and tackle it head-on.

What I found when I was finally able to truly get focused was a beautiful, expansive mental state. One where I could write and create without feelings of comparison or judgment. And when I really got “in the zone”, I was blissfully concentrated at the task at hand.

If you’re ready to say buh-bye to distraction and procrastination, read on for my 5 recommendations…

5 Ways to Get Focused (Buh-Bye Distraction!)

1. Try Bulletproof Coffee (or Tea)

If you haven’t heard of bulletproof coffee, it basically includes blending your morning coffee with coconut oil, MCT oil, and/or butter (I personally skip the butter). There’s mixed feelings about bulletproof coffee, but advocates say that by mixing fats with the caffeine from the coffee it gives sustained energy … and I have to say, I agree.

I have found greater levels of clarity and focus on the mornings that I drink BPC. And while drinking it doesn’t help change any behavioral aspects of distraction, it DOES give a good boost in the morning when you’re ready to tackle the day.

2. Take 10 Minutes for a Zero-Brain Activity

If you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media and are struggling with getting back into focus mode, here’s my best tip: take 10 minutes and go ‘zero-brain’.

What is a zero-brain activity? It’s one that involves taking away any thinking. This includes meditation, going for a quick walk outside, or even just sitting down, taking a few deep breaths, and staring at the wall (seriously!). These 10-minute bursts of zero-brain activity are crucial because they give your mind the space to RECALIBRATE. To get back to center, to let go of distracted thoughts, and bring you to the present.

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3. Create a Trigger Action

Have you ever read the book The Power of Habit? In the book, the author talks about how every habit we do starts with a trigger. Essentially, if you want to change a habit, you first have to change the trigger that started it all.

So if you want to create a habit of FOCUS, set up a trigger action that your brain will soon learn is the trigger that it’s time to go into focus mode. An example of a trigger action is lighting a candle (this is what I do!), putting on a certain type of music, or even mixing the same lemon water to drink while you’re working. For me, once I’m at my desk and I light a candle, I’m in full concentration and I don’t allow myself to get distracted (if I do … I force myself to blow out the candle, then I relight it after the unfocused moment is over).

4. Change Your Environment

Real talk – I get tired of my work environment often. Even though I truly love my home office, after awhile, it starts to feel stale. Here’s the thing – your environment has a direct impact on your focus and productivity. If you’re feeling uninspired in your space, you’ll create uninspired work. This is why it’s important to change your environment from time-to-time.

Every few weeks, I find myself in a new “workspace” … working from the dining room table, working outside on the patio, working from coffee shops, then coming back and working in my home office. Then the cycle starts over again. It works for me, and if you’re feeling stale in your current space, it’s time to change your environment.

5. Uninstall Apps on Your Mobile Device

This is for those of us that literally can’t keep ourselves from opening up certain apps on our phone, no matter how hard we try. Because if you can’t control your behavior, then it might be time to completely remove the distraction entirely.

When I was finishing the last portion of my book manuscript, I found myself suffering from “spontaneous Instagram-itis” … in other words, out of the blue, I’d randomly open up my phone, click on the Instagram app, and just start scrolling, knowing full well that I was wasting precious time that I needed to devote to writing. I hated that I couldn’t control myself, so I did what was absolutely necessary: uninstalled all social media on my mobile device. This was temporary, as social media is integral to my business, but I steered clear for nearly two weeks, while I put in the focused work necessary … and it worked!

So while this last one might seem extreme, perhaps an extreme move is exactly what you need to get back into focus mode.

One last thing about overcoming distraction and procrastination – it doesn’t happen overnight. Getting more focused about your daily tasks is a behavioral move that takes time to create as a habit. But you’ll be amazed at how clear and productive you can be once you put focus as a priority.

The sky is the limit, babe.💕

To Your Success,

PS … One last thing – don’t disregard the role that MOTIVATION plays in your ability to focus! When you’re feeling motivated, you’ll get stuff done. And there’s no better way to stay motivated than receiving a monthly subscription box curated directly for biz building (even while you’re still juggling a full-time job).

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