Wowza, it’s been a crazy few weeks!

After packing up our entire life in Southern California, Wes and I are finally settled in our new home in Arizona.

Yea … it’s hot out here (Side note: “How’s the heat?” is literally the first question everyone asks when I talk to them, LOL).

But the hot summer temps have forced me indoors and I actually kind of like being cooped up in my new home office.

I’ve never had the luxury of a home office before … and now I don’t think I can ever NOT have one!

I start my workday with the same routine … turn desk lamp on, light a candle (right now I’m OBSESSED with a Pina Verbana scented one), put on a mellow Pandora channel (like ‘Chill Loungers’), write out my task list, and get to work.

Yesterday, while planning out my content calendar for the month, I realized I hadn’t shared some of my most requested content … tips about Instagram!

You guys, Instagram has been a GAME-CHANGER for me.

About a year ago, I shut down every other social media account except for one: Instagram.

I was completely shocked by what happened.

Even though I was only driving traffic from ONE platform, my numbers went up…

More followers. More visitors to my websites. More clients. More money.

But most importantly? More TIME.

Here’s the thing … I’m NOT an Instagram Influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers who can make $1000 from a sponsored post about SkinnyTea…

But I AM a real person, generating real money, with amazing clients, and a growing online business.

Leveraging the power of Instagram is what helped me get here.

So today, let’s talk about how to drive traffic from the Instagram platform…

Maximize Your Link In Bio

This is the BEST piece of real estate on Instagram for a link to your website or blog! For a long time, this was the only place to have a clickable link (now there’s other places … more on that in a minute).

You really need to use the link in your bio effectively. This link should be used to drive traffic from Instagram to your most ideal location.

I recommend using this link to drive to a landing page/opt-in page (so that you can turn followers into email subscribers), but it can also be a recent blog post, the homepage of your website, a product page, etc.

Keep this link new and fresh. Update it frequently and change it around to whatever you’re posting about on Instagram at the moment or promoting.

Have a Call to Action

It’s not enough to simply have a link active in your bio … you’ve got to bring attention to it in order to actually get the click-through.

Have fun with it! Post a fun video, an engaging picture, a #behindthescenes post, etc, and let your followers know to “Click the link in my bio to see more!”

You don’t have to be pushy … instead, get creative and entice your followers to click your link to “see the rest/read the blog/get the download/etc”.

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Add a Link in the “Swipe Up” Feature in Instagram Stories

Woo-hoo, you can now add active links in your IG stories!

Well … some users can.

How do you get access to this feature? You must have a business account (not personal) AND have over 10,000 followers.

Once you meet the criteria, you can add active links within your IG stories that encourages your viewers to “See More” by swiping up.

This is a fantastic way to drive traffic to a new blog post, promo, or limited-time offer.

Don’t have access to this feature yet? Post about your post/promo/offer in your IG stories, but instead of telling everyone to “Swipe Up”, direct them to “Click the Link in My Bio” to learn more.

Send a Link Via Instagram Direct

Remember when I mentioned there’s now other places that you can have a clickable link within Instagram? THIS is one of them!

Instagram now supports active links within direct messenger … which means, you have the ability to drive traffic to a specific link that you send to another user directly.

Obviously, this isn’t a way to get massive traffic, but you can use it as a way to connect with other users on a 1-on-1 basis and send them direct links.

Invest in Instagram Ads

When you promote a post as an Instagram Ad, it makes the entire picture a clickable link, along with a “Learn More” button that drives followers back to your website.

I used Instagram Ads when promoting my InstagramHer Summit and was pleased with the results … Ads on Instagram are less expensive per click than Facebook and tend to have higher engagement.

Cheers to using Instagram to increase your web traffic!

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Jessica DeBry shows women how to quit the job they hate and build a business they LOVE. As an Online Business Mentor, Jessica teaches female entrepreneurs worldwide how to get sh*t done, monetize themselves, and build their brand, so that they can ultimately transform their #SideHustle into Solopreneur Success. After doing everything “right” and following the traditional school-to-corporate path, she found herself craving more out of life. After 15-months side hustlin’ with her online business (while still working full-time), she quit her 9-5 for good and now shows others how to do the same. Click here to learn more about Jessica.
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