It can be incredibly frustrating when things don’t go your way.

When you have expectations … only to be let down.

This is what I felt after I poured my heart and soul into a launch that generated over $144,000.

I didn’t sleep for weeks leading up to the launch.

I drained my creative juices into persuasive emails and sales pages.

And after we closed the cart and I looked at the numbers … I smiled with satisfaction seeing those six figures staring back at me.

Six figures. In only two weeks. From a digital launch.

Pretty sweet, right?!?

I was happy…

But my happiness and satisfaction didn’t last long.

Because this particular launch wasn’t for me and my online biz. In fact … I made $0 from it.

On the contrary … this launch was one that I spear-headed while still working in Corporate America.

I did it for my employer, to prove my worth.

And after my efforts proved successful, I confidently asked for a small raise before initiating another launch.

“No.” they replied.

To add salt to my wounds, I was also instructed to run another launch.

“We like what you’re doing to generate income for the company. We won’t pay you for it.” they said.


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At first, I was hurt and offended.

But then, I realized … it will always be this way.

Sure, I could go work at another job, for another employer … but in the end, all of my efforts are still benefiting someone else’s bottom line.

And at the end of the day … making zero from $144k was the BEST thing to have ever happened to me.

Because this was the catalyst for reaching success in my own side hustle…

THIS was the moment that I became determined to quit my 9-5.


Why am I sharing this with you?

Because it may be a good thing if you’re feeling let down right now.

If things aren’t going your way at your job … EMBRACE your dissatisfaction.

Real change is cultivated when you’re unhappy with your current situation.

Wherever you’re at right now … you are EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be.

Leverage your dissatisfaction to create real change in your business and your future.

I believe in you, beautiful.❤️️

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Jessica DeBry shows women how to quit the job they hate and build a business they LOVE. As an Online Business Mentor, Jessica teaches female entrepreneurs worldwide how to get sh*t done, monetize themselves, and build their brand, so that they can ultimately transform their #SideHustle into Solopreneur Success. After doing everything “right” and following the traditional school-to-corporate path, she found herself craving more out of life. After 15-months side hustlin’ with her online business (while still working full-time), she quit her 9-5 for good and now shows others how to do the same. Click here to learn more about Jessica.
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